Cobby Goes For A Swim

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Cobby Goes For A Swim



 Alice is not an ordinary little girl, because when Alice talks to bears, the bears talk back.


The sign in Alice's Bear Shop window read: "Found. Bear lost at sea. Soggy but safe. Inquire within." The bear is called Cobby, lost to his owner, Tom, when he fell overboard, and this is the story of his adventure and how he came to be in Alice's Bear Shop.




Author Ricky Austin opened Alice's Bear Shop and Hospital for Poorly Bear and Dolls in Dorset England. When Woodroffe arrived at the Hospital he had lost his growl. Poor Woodroffe was soon growling again and Ricky was inspired to write his story. Six books later many loveable characters were brought to life by Russ Berrie. It has been many years since the plush characters were available to Collectors so it is with much excitment that we introduce the new range.

Working closely Ricky and Charlie Morris have redesigned the plush toys to represent Ricky's designs whilst adding

 the Charlie Bear Touch!




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